Nonsuch Mansion Garden Map

This is a map to show you the layout of the formal gardens and what we feel are the most interesting features. On the map itself it includes numbers and it is these numbers which correspond to a feature in the garden. We have added a useful key so you know what the certain features in the garden actually are. Above we have also included photographs of each feature so that you can see what the feature looks like in real life. However they don't correspond to the numbers below in the key, the name of the feature is given in the caption.


1) The Dell
2) Mansion View Point
3) P
rominent London Plane tree
4) Old Greenhouse
5) Urn and Lion
6) The Pinetum
7) Rose Tunnel
8) Small Frog and Fish Pond
9) Sundial
10) Flower bed Horse Trough
11) Nonsuch Mansion
12) The Ha Ha Ditch

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